Holisic Method and program of ILD studies

Lessons in ILD are based on the program '3Dlexia' applied exclusively in ILD. It is a combination of the original EFL tools designed by Aggeliki Pappa for the purposes of the lessons in ILD, as well as multisensory, differentiated instruction workshops, mindfulness sessions and e-tools used on interactive whiteboards and i-pads. '3Dlexia' Paradigm created by Aggeliki Pappa is based on international pedagogical standards, respects the whole being-dimentions of all students and cultivates spirit, soul activating the body as well. (3Brains -heart-head-hands, in one). The results of ILD holistic educational approach are not only success in EFL and the acquisition of global voice for all our students, but also their complete transformation into empowered, virtuous human beings, ready to share their gifts with the world for the benefit all. 

According to the basic principles of '3Dlexia' holistic program, no pupil is treated in the same way during courses, as they have different needs, interests and learning styles. The English Foreign Language Teacher / Specialist Educator, by taking into account the diversity of students, uses and adapts specialized technological tools, instructional ILD methods and selected ILD original material during lessons. Students' involvement is strengthened through tailor-made creative class and home practice; their edu-performance improves from day one, whereas their self-awareness and talents gradually develop until their whole personality flourishes, experiencing happiness and personal fulfillment, after years of frustration due to lack of Equity in their right for quality education.