Pappa, A. (September 2016)
Effective Inclusion for Students with Dyslexia and SEN in the FL class: A Pioneering Action Research to Support Equity in Education for All in the FL Classes with Differentiated Instruction.
Germany: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing.
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Pappa, A. (upcoming 2017)
"Sun and rain, two implacable enemies"
A fairy tale for the power of love
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Academic Book Chapters

OECD(2018) Teaching for the Future: Effective Classroom Practice to Transform Education, OECD Publishing, Paris Pappa, A. "Topic 1:Making Schools More Inclusive;Teaching Students with Special Needs" (p.20-25) Available at:

Pappa, A. (2013). “A practical plan for applying differentiated instruction in the EFL class” in Susanna Pandeliadou, Diamanto Filippatou Differentiated instruction: Theoretical approaches and educational practices, Athens: Pedion Academic Publishing (p.315-356)
Τhe first academic publication as a practical guide for EFL educators to provide inclusion to students with dyslexia and SEN in mainstream classroom in Greece. The publication was a project for the University of Thessaly, Department of Special Education

Journal Articles
Pappa, A. (2011). My name is…. Mommy [magazine].

Pappa, A. (2010). Dyslexia Re-meet it! Discover timely the characteristic signs and embrace your child’s diversity.
Paidi kai neoi goneis [magazine].

Pappa, A. (2010). Dyslexia and foreign language.
Goneis en drasi [magazine].

Pappa, A. (2010). The program “i love dyslexia”.
Dyslexia and English. Proto Thema [newspaper].
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Pappa, A. (2010). Dyslexia and foreign language.
Eleftherotypia [newspaper].
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